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Chest X-Ray Electronic Cigarettes Before and After Smoking Health harmful

In this episode Shawn from reveals the results of his Chest x-ray comparison of a before and after snapshot. In this Episode we compare a chest x-ray before and after which is an interesting view. His volcano like smoking was heavy at two plus packs a day. Shawn Switched to Electronic Cigarettes in 2009. This video is NOT promoting health of ecigs and you should not start ecigs unless you are a long time smoker. This video was added as it was mentioned as an idea in a previous e-cig video a few years ago.

Electronic Cigarettes – Free Electronic Cigarette Trial!

Check out: for your free electronic cigarette trial offer (starter pack). Electronic cigarettes have – No toxins – No chemicals – No ash – No stinky and smelly smoke – No heavy price tags You can smoke electronic cigarettes (practically) anywhere because they are smokeless devices. If youre looking to quit smoking and you need to maintain the habit of smoking without all of the health issues, then give electronic cigarettes a try. Remember though that the intake of nicotine does narrow blood vessels and therefore reducing the amount of nicotine you intake is vital. You can choose lower nicotine options with electronic cigarettes.

Prosmoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Complete review of the Prosmoke Electronic Cigarette including battery life, Charging Pack, and most important- the new design cartridges that are now MADE IN THE USA (you dont hear that often)Throat Hit and Vapor output. Also includes Unboxing, Demostration and Comparison between other top rated E-Cigarettes. This review is based on Prosmokes newly designed flavored cartridges. After testing out many ECIGS I am comfortable in endorsing Prosmoke. They have the best VG flavors with a good throat hit. you can check out the pricing on their starter kits here you can contact me at for any questions. thanks