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Quit Smoking With Hypnosis!

This is a hypnosis smoking cessation exercise, exactly as I facilitate it with groups and clients. If you are a smoker, I encourage you to use this video. Please share this with the people you know who smoke. You truly can regain your power and seniority over this unhealthy habitaddiction. You owe it to yourself. You CAN do it!

How To E-Cig Stainless Steel Dripper Manufacture (part 2of4)

Stainless steel direct drip i have designed to allow me to direct drip using the mega atomizer from totally wicked. Note this mod allows for a seriously strong vape and uses allot of e-liquid so if you like a strong vape this is for you just be warned it is strong so dont go mad. Thats if you make this that is. Produces a very strong throat hit quite an exciting design check my website for drawings soon as ill put the design up. Special promotional code GET 7.5% discount dont miss out get Discount either use the link or enter the special code in to your checkout in the promotional code section of the shopping basket and get instant 7.5% discount on totally wicked products. And the code for you to use is: D88F8 I think they really are the best out there for UK customers. I cant speak for other countries but there amazing UK suplier.