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VPLive Vape Team Episode #55: Kneel, Pray, and Quit Smoking

On VPLive Vape Team Episode #55: "Kneel, Pray, and Quit Smoking". Will the ANTZ attack this method of quitting tobacco cigarettes? We are joined by Gregory Conley of CASAA on the latest call to action, and a special Ten@10 with filipino reviewer Joanna. In the "New Vapers Corner" we CJ & Dimitri break down the Leo Baron and Pro Drippers. Last but not least a VapeWheel loaded with vape goodies for our audience including a special suprise! Bookmarks Bundle for this show, links to everything we talked about, including Vapemeets: Current Contests: We have over 2000 subscribers on YouTube, watch the video about the contest and find out how to get your chance to win a ProVari v2.5 from E-cig City 2 in Hawaiian Gardens, CA. Enter by Midnight ET on January 29th 2013 to be eligible to win! Shout Outs: Thanks to Greg Conley for coming on the show to talk about his experience at the FDA hearings a few weeks ago. Please tell the FDA your opinions about electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction: Sign up as a member of CASAA and support the organization that fights for your right to Vape! Also, follow Greg on Twitter at http Thanks to Jhoana from the Philippines for coming on the show for 10@Ten. Check out her YouTube channel and reviews @ Supporting Vendors: Thanks to the vendors who gave us great prizes to give away to our audience on this episode! They help us out, so check them out! AwesomeClouds <b>…<b>

How I Got Free From Cigarettes Alcohol Beer Quit Smoking Testimony

I continue with the topic alcoholism. Now like I said I found that someone who actually took the desire away from me. But let me tell you how I got to that point. Now in 1989 in April after I got sick, and I made this promise to God I made a deal with him, if he heals me I promise him I will follow him in everything. And one of this things were alcohol for sure and also smoking and swearing and other stuff we do in our society and it is ok. But because I promised he healed me so I had to keep a promise. But I thought after that happened, I made a promise I because a Christian. So I thought it was all over. In the beginning i did repent, for a while I didnt drink, nothing. And I quit smoking for a short time because I just coulnt give up. So I would go back and forth, smoke for 3 weeks, not smoke for another one. Then slowly I start to drink again. Now I didnt drink like before to get drunk but I had 3 or 4 beers and I would feel guilty but I couldnt give up. So I kept myself to the point in saying well if I dont get drunk then thats still acceptable. I Thought that God says none of the drunks will see heaven, so I found myself a comfort place saying if I had only 2 or 3 beers then it is maybe not too bad. One day I went to work, I was working nights for northern telecom. It was about 2 oclock in the morning. So I went outside to smoke a cigaret from my section where I used to work. It was a beautiful sky, lots of stars, the moon. And I was looking up and then I start <b>…<b>

I Quit Smoking!!!

FACEBOOK PAGE!! Check me on Twitter: BLOG: My MAIN channel Actually, I quit seven years ago. I just felt like sharing the story.


Picked up this BAM right from Ed "the Green" at Vapercon2 , and like I said in the video I feel like ive spend enough time with it to give it a fair judgment. For the majority of the time I have been using the BAM its been kicked, with an AW IMR 18490 battery Which are over 1000mah, so they should last a good long time, but with a tube mod THIS big, I really feel like I should be using the 26500 battery, unfortunately they are quite difficut ( at least for me ) to track down and purchase. The only place I have really seen them is at SuperTmanufacturing not even my battery site carries them. Although they do carry both the AW IMR 18650 and the MNKE IMR 26650 batteries. Honestly vaping the BAM with an unregulated 26650 battery is still a very nice vape, considering that your atty or carto is of the "low resistance" variety being 1.5ohms or so. Construction wise the BAM cant be touched, the thing feels like a MAC TRUCK and is ribbed for her… uh… grippness. Its a joy to hold and use and feels like a quality MOD IMO With the exception of the odd 26500 battery , this mod really has everything I could ask for, super duty construction, reliable button and a place for the kick. check out for more information and a list of vendors currently stocking the BAM. mine is green ( I really had no choice ) but they come in other colors like purple and stainless steel finish. thanks so much for <b>…<b>