Quitting smoking is hard, not quitting is even harder. Very graphic horror stories.

www.lifeprinciples.co.uk This motivation video uses hard facts and emotional persuasion for people to make the decision to kick their bad habits such as Quit Drinking Alcohol, Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Cannabis, Crack, Opeates, Heroin, methamphetamine , Quit Snorting Cocaine, Ketamine, Crystal Meths or Stop Taking Methadone, Subutex (Buprenorphine) or Narcotics. Sometimes its easy to forget what a wonderful gift life is until its too late. When you are lying on your death bed and you start to think that life was just too short. It only seemed like yesterday that you had your 10th birthday, when you were in school, when you started your first job. It just seems like a fleeting moment in time, gone in the blink of an eye. Then you wish you has just one more year; just think what you could do in that time? You could go and visit a far off place you always wanted to visit but never got around to it. Maybe you could go and look at a beautiful sunset from an airplane? Maybe you want to experience a total eclipse of the sun. Maybe you want to do something much simpler like smell the roses, feel the raindrops on your face, appreciate the beauty of spring. Maybe you want to tell someone you love them, or that you are sorry. Maybe you want to eat some exotic fruit that you have seen time after time but never bothered to taste it. By this time you are beginning to realize that you have wasted between 10 to 20 years of your life through smoking. Whats more, you paid some £100000 over <b>…<b>

I quit drinking, smoking and taking anti-depressants with Shokat and it was easy.

www.lifeprinciples.co.uk Paul quit drinking, smoking and taking anti-depressants with our help. This is a video of some of our clients who have benefited from our work using hypnosis, bioresonance, laser and the luggage of life programme for taking away the pain of the past. Some have quit smoking cigarettes, others have quit smoking spiffs, some have quit drinking and some have lost weight. For more information refer to our website and online documents below www.lifeprinciples.co.uk

Stop Smoking Now

www.stopsmokingnow.me Stop smoking now — learn how I went from 60 cigarettes per day to non smoker overnight If you sincerely want to quit smoking cigarettes, watch my series of YouTube videos in which I explain why you smoke — and why you should stop smoking now. Also, check out my Facebook page www.facebook.combecomeanonsmoker Many people find the prospect of giving up smoking very scary because of the addictive nature of the habit. When I stopped 5 years ago, I fully expected to find it difficult, but it was much more straightforward than I thought it would be. I experienced no cravings, no withdrawal symptoms and, most importantly, no urge to re-offend. I can honestly say that I have not smoked a single cigarette in 5 years. I am not a doctor, I am not a hypnotherapist and I am not an NLP practitioner. I am just an ex smoker who wants to share his story in the hope it might inspire you. What Im saying is:- "If I can quit when I was smoking 3 packs a day — so can you!" Remember, if you want to know how to quit smoking, follow my story and you can stop smoking now.