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Justin Bieber CAUGHT smoking weed

Hehe seee he was smoking on the video…. In more important news… pretty sure nobody gives a fuck. Seriously though…. TMZ They caught a teenager at a party smoking pot. If that makes him bad then we should stop listening to rappers talking about murder and coke too. In other more important news people should care about things that matter. Please Subscribe & We have a website now so check it out !!! Dont forget to tell your friends 🙂 Facebook Twitter Tumblr New Videos on Sundays and Wednesdays! Hopefully! Maybe! Probably!


*) LOL SO YEAH… ITS A CAST CALL GUYS, YIPEE ^-^ ALSO…. If you havent read "Waverly Lake Kids", itll give you an insight on whats going to go on… kinda, but Im gonna delete it the Waverly Lake Kids chapters after I put chapter 1 of Only at Waverly! **) Festive Fever: Chapter 7 up later tonight or tomorrow cuties 🙂

#cut4bieber REACTION and RESPONSE

Click to tweet and stop this madness!! So after hearing this hoax-like story from my friend earlier today, it looks like this story is actually true. People are actually tweeting #cut4bieber with pics of them cutting their wrists to try and get Justin Bieber to stop smoking weedmarijuanapot. I literally cannot believe what is happening! A sick prank gone out of control. Watch the video for more and leave your comments below. ? Like me on facebook ? Tweet me here [click] Circle me! — Question to you: Are you part of this fad? Or do you think its as stupid and crazy as I do? Comment, rate, and SUBSCRIBE (its free!) Thanx for watching :3 -Ruben.