Don’t Stop Smoking

Maybe if he wasnt thinking about quitting weed before he went to sleep he wouldnt have had such a nightmare. Follow Lucci as the ghost of WeedLess Future takes Lucci on journey that shows him his life with out his favorite plant

I Quit Smoking!

I have officially smoked my last cigarette as I type this now and hope with your help never touch one again! I watched my father pass away in my arms as he gasped for air into his cancer filler lungs and that is nothing I want my son too witness!:-( I have take some pill that I am wont promote cause it really is my choice doing this! I just am more into seeing what strange dreams its known too give while taking it, so that is what gave me the inspiration too finish my long overdue project that has been bouncing around in my head for well over a year now! I still am not satisfied with the final results as I wanted too do more animations, not too mention a better more listenable song, so I am sorry its nothing special or even really a song!:-( Many people had too be cut out of this due to them using copyrighted music and or just uploaded a video not especially done for what I was asking for! I also stated each who made a comment would have their words and dreams represented, but unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it I just had too many replies to make any meaningful video, but I do that each and everyone for responding as it wouldnt of been possible too create my artistic and hopefully live saving inspiration!:-) The following are who are in this video so please check out their cool channels if they are still around as like I said this was going too be done well over a year now! www <b>…<b>

How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 15 and I Haven’t Killed Anyone Yet Today is Day 15 in my quest to stop smoking marijuana. Ive made it successfully through my first two weeks! The support community on the blog is growing and theres a lot of great positive support being shared around the globe. This quest has not been without its challenges – I have been extra cranky and irritable and Im sure Ive pissed off a number of people. Ive also alienated my own mother, and even though it was regarding another issue, Im sure shes blaming it on "withdrawals". Im finding that Im not really suffering through physically withdrawals (at least I dont think I am – but I guess the irritability refutes that), but that I just have to fight the habit of turning to pot when I get upset or frustrated. Even though I have a stash close by – I havent turned to it once. I keep telling myself that I am striving for optimal health and that is not possible when smoking anything. Some really, really good things are happening, but at the same time I do realize that I desperately need to find another way to cope with the daily pain that I endure due to herniated discs in my neck. Come to think about it, Im not really sure if I am irritable from pot withdrawals – or simply from being in almost constant pain … At any rate, the amount of support that Ive been getting during the past week (since I went public with YouTube videos and sent a very personal email to 4628 of my closest friends) has been amazing. There is no way I can let y <b>…<b>

The last cigarette on my channel.

Sadly I have only bad news :(…Im not gonna be able to make more vids bucaose of a financial reasons and there is nothing I could do about it.I must stop smoking. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If somebody wanna donate thats my paypall acc: (I hate that shit and I dont want any of you to feel forced to do it.)

RX7 Water Injection Treatment

To perform a water injection treatment you will need to attach a hose to the throttle valvebutterfly. Unplug vacuum line, attach hose with 1.5litres of water on the other end in a container, Turn on the already warm engine and let the vacuum line suck the water out of the container. The car will not sound good, but just keep it above 3800RPM and it will eventually suck it all through the system and clean it out, The exhaust will smoke profusely during this process. When it finally starts to stop smoking and the car starts sounds normal again, the process is nearly complete. Turn the car off, Disconnect the hose used to connect the container to the engine vacuum line then cap the line, and restart your engine. let it run for a few minutes to blow out any last bit of water. The whole process should take about 3 minutes.