ASMR: Séance de relaxation guidée pour gérer le stress

Bonjour chers amis, voilà une petite séance de relaxation guidée que jai mise en place pour vous aider (jespère) à mieux gerer le stress; si ça fonctionne, je vais peut être suivre vos suggestions et refaire une autre avec un sujet lié à lanxiété,les phobies ou pour arrêter de fumer. Dites moi ce que vous en pensez?! Jai eu quelques problèmes techniques meme si la video nest pas longue,mais jespère que tout marche bien en ligne.Merci et à bientôt! Hi guys,this is a little guided relaxation video that I made for you to help against stress; if this works,I could maybe follow some of your suggestions and make another one related to anxiey,phobias or to stop smoking Feedback appreciated, thanks! 🙂

Two Men Fight Cigarettes & Save Thousands

To get this complete program, please visit . If You Love Someone Who Smokes is made to get a person to quit smoking. Everyday, thousands of people try to quit. Some succeed. Most do not. Statistics show that scary medical videos just dont work. Neither do "youre a bad person" videos. This film shows neither of those things. Instead, it tells the simple and profound story of two friends — NYC media guru Tony Schwartz, and NYC cop Ken McFeeley. As McFeeley was dying of lung cancer at 46 years old, he decided to work with Schwartz to make this film to help others quit smoking. To date, thousands have quit after hearing McFeeleys story, and Schwartz became known as "media central" for the anti-smoking cause. "If You Love Someone Who Smokes" contains no medical details, no special "techniques" and it supports no specific drug solution. But for thousands of smokers, this video gives them the heart and the courage to quit– for the last time. The film does not scare or intimidate you. But once having seen it, you can never forget it.

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers — Terrie’s Story

Terrie, diagnosed with throat and oral cancer, describes how her addiction to tobacco and cigarettes had her smoking right up to the front door of the hospital the day of her surgery , and what finally made her quit. This video is part of CDCs "Tips From Former Smokers" campaign. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: This video can also be viewed at To learn more about tobacco control and prevention, go to

BEST QUIT Smoking Aids Reviews

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Focus The Truth – Drug Music [Official Music Video]

DOWNLOAD DUI Mixtape @ Like on Facebook: Official website @ Soundcloud @ Twitter @ Bookings and enquires e-mail @ Google+ @focusthetruth Director K. Elizabeth Rodriguez Director of Photography Elliot Beach Producer Smoking Indoors Actress Alba Ariza Rueda Focus Styled by Termomanin PR Taken from the mix-tape "Discourse Under Influence (DUI)" Lyrics: Chorus This that laid back Play it back drug music Get used to it You see them niggas riding to it Haa getting blazed rocking Js everyday Getting blazed rocking Js (2x) Drinking Gordons gin thinking about how shall I begin Some of my best pleasures in life come from sin Slight addiction to having nice clothes hugging my limbs Man supposed to make the clothes confidence comes from within Half my homies got tattoos covering all they skin He said he love the pain Please no need to explain Do what you want those people judging you gonna do them See my lifestyles different I sip wine and write down lyrics create good music and disregard all critics Dont live it cuz I talk it I talk it because I live it A mind state thats really nothing like the normal Another pot head poetry author That came to offer Chorus Ashtrays and roachclips Eyes dreary but my third eye open Move off energy reached the peak but I cant stop smoking Keep on coughing, keep on rolling People say its <b>…<b>

How to Quit Smoking and Still Drink Alcohol?

For More Please Visit: or http One of the biggest challenges smoker face when quitting is… What to do if they want to have a few drinks with friends after they quit smoking? Most believe they have to quitting drinking for a long time after they quit smoking to make sure they dont have the "urge" to smoke with alcohol. In this video I will show you one simple trick that will allow you to still have a social life and not feel deprived even after you quit smoking. Advanced Laser Solutions The Stop Smoking Company Parma, Ohio 44129

Rant – Cutting For Bieber

Just another rant about a stupid trend going around. Apparently people are cutting themselves to make Justin Bieber stop smoking marijuana.. Stupid Belibers are stupid. Subscribe and tell your friends. Please leave comments. I value your opinion. Twitter: www.twitter.comLeahlovebug18 Tumblr: Keek: LeahLoveBug18 Instagram: @leahlovebug18