indian girls smoking latest see at least one time

if this type of thing happen then auto matically crimes health problem issued comeds fast and also lead to dangerous western culture towards the society so i request u respect our nation and stop smoking …stop first this type of drugs item thn think to develop the nation … go india -save india try to comment it wht u think about smokers…..

Stop Smoking Advert

This is an advert which I helped film and edit for one of my friends projects. She was trying to get across the point that no matter what age you start smoking, it is irrelevant to what age you will die from smoking. Smoking Kills. If you want to quit, call 0800 022 4 332 or go to this website for more information or to speak to an advisor: Quit Smoking START LIVING!! Directed by Emma Gartrell Produced and co-Directed by Martyn Tallon Edited by Martyn Tallon and Emma Gartrell Most credit of this video is to go to Emma, as this was her project and I only helped her as she was a little doubtful on a few things.

Juice Cleanse – How To Get Ready The Right Way

In this video Drew explains how to get ready for a juice fast. I have been getting a lot of messages on how to start a juice fast. When you go on a juice fast you are abstaining from eating any solid foods, instead you are consuming fresh vegetable juice for a period of time. A juice fast usually last 3, 5, 7, 30, 60 or 90 days. Toxic substances are everywhere — in the air we breathe, the processed foods we eat, and even the water we drink. Its critical for us to support the bodys detoxification systems. A periodic juice fast is a healthy way to support your bodys ability to detox and get rid of toxins. When my clients first come to me the first thing I recommend is the Alpha Reset. The Alpha Reset is a easy guideline on how to start and complete a juice fast and what gives you recipes that are good for a juice fast. Here are some tips for starting a juice fast and what to expect. Its important to make your juice fast journey as easy as possible. The first thing you want to do is actually start detoxing one week before starting your juice fast. This means cutting out processed foods, drinking more water, eating more vegetables, limiting the amount of meat you eat and most importantly limiting the amount of caffeine and sugar you consume, stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol. Also during this week start to introduce fresh vegetable juice to your daily consumption. This will help get you acquainted with the taste of vegetable juice if you arent already <b>…<b>

acne free reviews naturally-acnefree reviews naturally acne free reviews naturally -acnefree reviews naturally Lets go straight to the point. Someone who has acne calls himself ugly. And to be honest I dont like people with acne. Therefore I give you eight tips how to prevent acne, implant the tips and become acne free within a few days. The facts are not lying during the puberty more than 75% of the people are suffering with acne. Its time to do something about it. Therefore these acne tips. Dont read them use them and become acne free. – Stop smoking I know this is very hard, but if you want to suffer from acne you really need to quit smoking. A study showed that acne is 62% more prevalent in active smokers than in non-smokers. So quit smoking, I know its hard. – Drink a lot of water. This is a very effective and easy way to suffer from acne. Drink a lot of water. I would suggest at least three litres a day. – Take a shower with ice cold water. Perhaps this is a little painful but dont wash yourself with warm water, always use cold water. – Dont use to much cosmetic products. A lot of cosmetic products contain fats. If you want to use cosmetic products use water based cosmetic products. And never forget to remove your acne before you go to bed. – Dont squeeze your pimples. Just dont squeeze your pimples. And if you really want do it. Make sure your hands are very clean and afterwards use a decontamination ointment. – Clean your face Of course cleaning your body is always an important thing to do. But <b>…<b>