Quit Smoking : How to Stop Smoking Withdrawals

Withdrawals from smoking can include cravings, fatigue, mood swings and irritability, though there are many treatment methods to deal with all withdrawal symptoms. Learn to deal with nicotine withdrawal with help from a smoking cessation specialist in this free video on ways to quit smoking. Expert: Michela Christensen Contact: www.breathecalifornia.org Bio: Michela Christensen is a tobacco cessation counselor working for Breathe California. Her class has helped hundreds of smokers stop smoking. Filmmaker: Bing Hugh

Salman Khan quits smoking for his fitness

Salman Khan has quit smoking! In a recent press meet Sallu declared that he has quit smoking. In a press meet he stated that, I have quit smoking just 5 days back and this is for fitnesss sake. Salman has been working hard at gym to get that right body for his forthcoming films. And especially for Veer, he wants to stay fit as he is playing a role of an old ancient warrior, which is his ambitious project. Salman who is also recognized for his fitness regime has seriously quit smoking. However, now than there are many competitors in the industry, its a priority for Salman to stay absolutely fit and fine. Sallu has decided to hit back to the gym and get the sexiest body tag all over again. When a media person asked him, how difficult it is for him to quit smoking all of a sudden, he replied, Of course its very difficult, as one morning I got up from my bed, took the cigarette in hand and then threw it away thinking that I have to give up.take a look!


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