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ASMR Quit Smoking Meditation

Maybe useful for a New Years Resolution, I know there are many of you out there that try to make that resolution and stick with it. Stay strong, you can do it. I am not knocking the habit as a fellow smoker, I know there are those of you out there that wantneed to quit, this is only a meditation ONLY YOU can decide when to quit smoking. Be sure to check out my other videos and dont forget to sub and like. Also if your up for it after all that Christmas DinnerSupperLunch (whatever time you havehad it) feel free to pop on over to facebook and give my new page a like

TEC Telescopic Mechanical Personal Vaporizer (Electronic Cigarette)

Here is a look at the TEC Telescopic Fully Mechanical Personal Vaporizer. It is a Chrome plated brass device that is native 510 connection. Uses any 18— battery, and can also use 17—, 16—, and 14— batteries. This device was purchased by me from a co-op for the purposes of review, and has been a decent entry level telescopic device. This device is not by any means a high quality high end device, but has still performed pretty well. The issue with the 510 connection and not being able to allow air to flow freely to the Boge Cartomizers has been a very strong negative, and the issue with the threading in the 510 connection has also not been easy to work with. Because I do not use many Vivi Nova tanks and Boge Cartomizers this device was not that much of a problem with me. But because there is the issue, the only way to solve it is by using a 510 to 510 adapter, and that will allow air to flow to the Boge Carto, and will also allow the Vivi to be connected to the device without any more issues. But the negative with that is the extra space that will be there between the device and the tank. The one other complaint that I did have was the bottom button not having a strong enough spring, and having a kind of sharper edge on the button. Besides the issues I have listed this device has fired every time I push the button, and feels nice in the hand. It is not that heavy like some SS telescope mods. But make sure if you do pick one of these up, you keep a rag near by to <b>…<b>

The Best Way to QUIT Smoking!!

Here is a video of MY OPINION on The Best Way to Quit SMOKING!!!! Electronic Cigarette Forum: : some vendors to find electronic cigarette supplies: If you are interested in checking out electronic cigarettes, PLEASE do your own research and make an educated decision!!!!!! Here is a link to an organization THE CONSUMER ADVOCATES FOR SMOKE-FREE ALTERNATIVES ASSOCIATION: