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E Cigarette – Why E Cigarettes?

E Cigarette – Why E Cigarettes? www.v2cigs.com An electronic cigarette is a device where a battery and a heating element, an atomizer, is used to vaporize a nicotine-containing liquid to vapor to inhale. can you use it to quit smoking? Electric cigarettes are intended as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. They are not designed to treat nicotine addiction, but in a safe way to consume nicotine. Experts agree, however, that switching to the electric cigarette, is a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. You can however reduce your nicotine intake to zero by using only nicotine-free cartridges. Whats in the cartridge? Mostly it consists of propylene glycol (a non-toxic base fluid), nicotine, glycerin and flavors and fragrances. Is it safe? Nothing is 100% safe and further research is needed regarding the long term effects, but based on the fact that the liquid consists of ingredients which have been shown to be safe for consumption, and research shows that they are a better alternative to carcinogenic substances in tobacco cigarettes (in the smoke thereof), it is more than plausible that it is safer than smoking tobacco. The American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) supports the use of the electronic cigarette over tobacco products. The AAPHP has ruled that electronic cigarettes "could save the lives of 4 million of the 8 million current adult American tobacco smokers who otherwise will die from tobacco-related diseases in the next 20 <b>…<b>

Stop Puffing & Start Living – Stop Smoking Now!! (Long Hypnosis Session with background music).

jasonnewland.com This is "Stop Puffing & Start Living – Stop Smoking Now!!" (with background music). It is also available as either a video or an audio MP3 download (www.jasonnewland.com). This "Stop Smoking" Hypnosis Session is produced by hypnotist Jason Newland. Watch or Listen to this session at least twice a day for that a week. (Twice if possible) & see how you feel. Use for as long as you need. If you benefit from this free hypnosis session, please tell others. There are hundreds of free hypnosis videos & audios at http Background music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons creativecommons.org Subscribe = www.youtube.com Join me on Facebook = www.facebook.com Join me on Twitter = twitter.com