KGO E-Cigarette Review

NOTE!!! The KGO from hoosierecigsupply is NOT similar to the one described in the video; therefore, if you order one from them, DO NOT expect the same one as in the video. Thank you very much for watching 🙂 NOTE: This review or video is intended to show a safer alternative to smoking. It is purposely out to those who smoke, are addicted to nicotine, and are of smoking age. I did not receive any of the products for free: therefore, I explain my true thoughts about the product(s). Theres no BULLSH*T in this video, only but the complete truth. On this video I talk about the KGO from NorthWestVapors. Very great product and I recommend it to many! The drip tip is a Ming from CherryVape. I also believe that HoosierEcigSupplies the KGO. Thank you for watching, subscribe, and enjoy.