Quit Smoking Laser Therapy. Stop in UK, USA, Mexico, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Birmingham & London.

www.lifeprinciples.com Channel 5 news shows how low level laser therapy (LLLT) in Scottish hospitals is helping smokers kick their habit with relative ease. Over half the people shown on the programme quit smoking in this way. The equipment shown is produced by THOR and is used by most laser smoking cessation centres across the world. LLLT can also be used instead of needles for acupuncture and is ten times more effective than patches, gum or hypnotherapy according the results from two NHS trials in Scotland. www.thorlaser.com Many other clinics around the world also use Omega Laser equipment: www.omegalaser.co.uk Clinic in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK www.lifeprinciples.com Look out for LifePrinciples Laser clinics in Dublin, Glasgow, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, Cardiff, Cambridge and London (East, West,? Central and South). Glasgow, Scotland; USA, Mexico, Turkey www.annepenman.com If you want to know more about Information Medicine then please read our 50 page online book called Addictions, The Addictive Truth by following the link below www.lifeprinciples.com The laser therapy works by stimulating endorphins (feel-good hormones) when the pulsating light is absorbed by the skin and cells at acupressure points, which eliminate the urge to smoke and helps relieve stress. Real acupuncture is just as good, but the beauty of laser is that its non-invasive, ie no needles involved. In the treatment, a light probe was placed on various parts of my body <b>…<b>