Stop Smoking ToDay part 3

Stop Smoking ToDay part 3 From: Stop Smoking ToDay part 1: These 3 parts help people stop smoking because it addresses a number of reasons, attitudes and habits that keep people addicted to cigarettes. These 3 parts can be used in conjunction with THE KISS METHOD OF STOP SMOKING explained in BlogTalkRadio.comDr-Carol-Francis. Also, you can purchase an ebook or paperback book by Dr. Carol Francis that explains this approach in detail. This series is meant to be one part of a five part method of quitting smoking for those who want to quite. For many, these three hypnotic videos are sufficient to be able to quit. The mind is powerfully open to accomplishing what you want to accomplish. These videos are meant to be used when people are awake and alert and do not require you to close your eyes. So, relax, be focused and be free of that habit youve come to hate. From: Book at this link will help those of you who wish to implement a complete approach and have a more thorough understanding: