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E-Cigarette Atomizer Maintenance Cleaning using Coke/ DSE801

A few people have asked for me to video this procedure. This is just an additional step that I do once every one to two weeks besides letting the atomizer drain overnight. Be your own judge with knowing that one of my atomizers lasted four months with this procedure.(Please note: Some manufacturers do not recommend water) Keep in mind that some say that this is questionable because of the sugar in the cola, however I have had no problems with rinsing it well. In the video I soaked for 22 hours, however any amount of time is better than not at all, especially if you need your atty immediately. As with maintenance with just water, it will take a few more draws to get it vaping again. To help with that I put 2-3 drops of e-liquid directly on the dry atomizer just this time followed by a fresh full cartridge. I purchased my DSE801 E-CigaretteAtomizerBatteries and E-liquid from www.awesomevapor.com because of the quality of product and excellent customer service! Thank you for watching and Happy Vaping!