Fancy trying an e-cig? check out some recommended suppliers:- www.innovapor.com USA Site www.Provape.co USA Site http UK Site www.liberty-flights.com USA Site www.miragecigarettes.co.uk UK Site And please come visit my E-Cig reviews website at:- www.E-Cig-Reviews.com Follow me on twitter http Join the forum – www.E-Cig-Reviews.com Due to many requests from people who have watched my video reviews i have made a video of myself blowing smoke rings. All the rings have been produced using an electronic cigarette. the E-Cig i used is an intellicig EVOlution and the juice i used is the Hilton flavour. I did have "Cigarettes and Alcohol" by Oasis as my soundtrack but youtube would not allow it! Therefore you get a poor version of a Libertines song which i recorded on my home studio. I play all the instruments and sing all the vocals (poorly!) lol Hope you enjoy! Scott