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E Cigarette Review and Truths 1

A review of the DSE801 Penstyle E Cigarette. The SIDE EFFECTS from doing this are you save money and you feel great! www.awesomevapor.com has them for $46.00! in the US. Watch video for the truth about E Smoking or Vaping as us Vapers call it. Get away from those stankin, cancer breedin, lung collapsin, hack producin, teeth yellowin, youngun hurtin, girlfriend bitchin, granpa killin, grandma cryin, cat sneezin, wallet drainin analog smokes!

Beginners E-Cigarette Cheapest and How to Get Started Vaping

Some friends asked me to recommend the best e-cigarette for the cheapest money for a good enough vaping experience for them to see if they could do this in order to stop smoking. Heres the best Ive found so far, the Madvapes Disposable E-Cig 510. In this video, I show how I arrived at this conclusion, the un-boxing, how it vapes, and how to get started using it, since this e-cig does not come with any instructions. Please stop smoking, however you can do it, for yourself, your family, others who love you, and your wallet. music by Kevin MacLeod – Thank you Kevin for your free royalty-free music Filmed with a Kodak Zi8 Edited in Windows 7 with Windows Live Movie Maker

I Quit Smoking – My Advice and Allen Carr

Quiting smoking is easier than you think, I read allen carrs book and it convinced me I didnt neeed to keep smoking to be happy. I Love Cigarettes". Allen Carr gives has a pretty damn good argument on smoking, it convinced me (a 5 year smoker) to quit cold turkey. It has been a couple months now and Im still going strong Smoking that is.,… Sorry haters and Trolls, im not going anywhere!

Quit Smoking : How to Stop Smoking Withdrawals

Withdrawals from smoking can include cravings, fatigue, mood swings and irritability, though there are many treatment methods to deal with all withdrawal symptoms. Learn to deal with nicotine withdrawal with help from a smoking cessation specialist in this free video on ways to quit smoking. Expert: Michela Christensen Contact: www.breathecalifornia.org Bio: Michela Christensen is a tobacco cessation counselor working for Breathe California. Her class has helped hundreds of smokers stop smoking. Filmmaker: Bing Hugh