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Tips On How To Quit Smoking And The Health And Cost-Saving Benefits

Subscribe to our channel! Nicotine is a powerful addiction. But the desire for a longer, healthier life can be a powerful incentive. Susan Chase of Delta Dental provides several reasons to stop smoking, and shares tips to help smokers quit. For more information, visit deltadentalnj.com or http Channel Page youtube.com Facebook facebook.com Blog www.nj.com

Earn Thousands of Dollars By Quitting Smoking

Everyone knows smoking is bad for them, and they even know theyll save money if they quit, but since more people who are poor smoke than more affluent people, quitting smoking can mean huge savings that can be directed to more worthy and fulfilling pursuits. And since smoking causes serious disease, as well as less severe chronic illnesses like colds, quitting smoking will also reduce the costs of treating various illnesses, and hopefully reverse any advancing diseases like Emphysema or Lung Cancer etc.

How to Quit Smoking in 50 Minutes

I have decided that my channel up to this point was a waste of time. Sure you can see cool glitches, tricks, speedruns, and TASes…but what does that DO for anyone? How does that make the world a better place? Instead of continuing these foolish antics I have decided to help solve one of first worlds biggest problems: nicotine addiction. The result is this TAS of this little-known game: My Stop Smoking Coach with Allen Carrs EasyWay for the Nintendo DS. Unlike other methods to quit smoking, this game has a unique blend of important lessons and mind-numbing minigames. By watching this TAS youll learn many great lessons. For instance, smoking is antisocial. This is made clearer by the fact that lines drawn between people on a dance floor last a few frames less every time you go out to smoke. Youll also see, by virtue of playing Connect Three with "The Nicotine Monster", that it isnt as hard to quit smoking as you might think. It should be obvious after watching this run that the method of "teaching by minigame" is the most potent tool yet in fighting the war on cigarette addiction. This run could be improved a bit with better luck manipulation. Unfortunately, the RNG in this game is very stubborn, and it often requires going multiple minutes back just to change the luck manipulation on a game. However, I feel this serves as a valuable life lesson – even when everything doesnt go your way, you can still quit smoking if you believe in yourself and make frequent use of <b>…<b>