Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Cigarettes Say Experts!

www.v2electronic-cigarettes.com Join The Electronic Cigarette Revolution Today! The stories about electronic cigarettes producing a chemical thats in anti-freeze were pure propaganda! In the one test that the FDA did do they found traces of a substance called diethylene glycol, which is an ingredient found in anti-freeze but the main ingredient in anti-freeze is water! Diethylene glycol is a by product of low grade propylene glycol. According to one professor who has performed many tests on electronic cigarettes "One company was using a very cheap grade of propylene glycol. The ingredient in electronic cigarettes that gives the vapor an appearance of smoke. The company was not using a pharmaceutical grade of propylene glycol." That is why it is important to use a reputable company when buying your e-cigarettes so that you are safe from low grade propylene glycol! Apart from Nicotine and some Flavourings the only other chemical in these devices is Propylene glycol, which we consume everyday by the gallon. Propylene glycol is in the foods we eat and in the drinks we drink and is an ingredient in many cosmetics used daily. Its even in Asthma Inhalers and is FDA approved for use in all of these and many more and Propylene glycol has been an FDA approved substance for over 60 years! The Electronic Cigarette is not 100% safe and is not healthy but many scientists say that they carry around 1-2% of the risk of smoking regular cigarettes. While theres countless experts who say <b>…<b>