quit smoking commercial 21

Well this new years was the same as every one before. I set out to quit smoking, only to quit the first day. But something was different this year, I actually felt bad about giving up. So I started researching smoking and I seen a quit smoking commercial and after some of the things I saw i was disgusted. so disgusted that i decide that quitting was something I have to do. I decided that sense one of these quit smoking videos is what actually push me over the edge that I wanted to build a collection of these videos and start my own channel in the hopes that it mite push some of you over the edge and actually decide to quit smoking. So if youd like to hear more about my story and help me out you can check out my blog or fallow me on twitter. lewquitsmoking.blogspot.com lewquitsmoking (twitter) If you support people who want to quit or stay quit dont forget to like and subscribe to these videos