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Blu E Cig Review (Blu Electronic Cigarette)

My Blu E cig I ordered. I got the white pack and it shipped in about a week. Honest review not paid for by anyone. My first Ecig. **** After more time and use with this and experience with another ecig the Janty Ego I have decided that the Blu is a piece of trash i will do a side by side comparison soon to show how bad the blu really is.


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Smokeless Cigarettes Free Trial – Try Electronic Cigarette!

tryecigarette.com – Try smokeless cigarettes for free today! Smokeless cigarettes work just like a nicotine patch and nicotine gum which give user their nicotine fix. Updated electronic cigarette electroniccigarettehub.org ecigarette news. Additional electronic cigarette videos www.youtube.com But, theres more to smoking than just getting the nicotine fix. There is a certain fixation about smoking: The way you hold the cigarette, the puffing and seeing the smoke coming out of your mouth. The e-cigarette offers the same smoking experience. You hold it like a cigarette, you puff it like you do a cigarette, and youll see smoke coming out of your mouth like a cigarette. Except that its not a smoke, its vapor. Some people will be able to quit smoking only a week after switching to the smokeless cigarettes! Heres what usually happens: Once people get used to the e-cigarette, they get uncomfortable with the smell of a regular tobacco cigarette smoke. So, they will stop smoking the regular cigarette for good. Following that, they switched to the low-nicotine cartridge and eventually they will stop needing the nicotine fix. Smokers know smoking is bad for health. But, its not the nicotine which makes smoking harmful. Nicotine is like caffeine to a coffee drinker: Its addictive. The e-cigarette is an alternative for those who need the nicotine fix with minimal damage to their body and those around them. The battery-powered, non-flammable device provides a smoking <b>…<b>